Winning Back Your Ex-Boyfriend: Healing Your Pain and Saving Your Sanity!

Published: 06th July 2011
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You can win back your ex-boyfriend, and winning him back will probably be a lot easier than you think.

Unfortunately, many women do exactly the wrong things trying to get back an ex-boyfriend, and worse yet, they never know how they actually pushed him even farther away.

Fact: He's gone. At least for now. And you must accept that - for now.

It's not pretty to say, but losers don't attract winners. If you are moping around, acting like a loser, you are destroying your chances of getting him back.

But you're not a loser. So what is the first thing you must do to regain your boyfriend, your relationship, and your own happiness? It's not complicated. A bit difficult perhaps, but not complicated. Here is exactly what you are going to do.

You are going to cut him out of your life with surgical precision. Follow the below directions precisely.

1. Write out all the contact information you have for him on one piece of paper. Put that paper in the sink and burn it.

2. Delete every memory you have of him. Erase his phone number from your cell phone. Delete his email address and all of the emails between the two of you. Remove any pictures of him or (worse yet) the two of you that you have on display anywhere. Remove his information from your Skype account. Do not under any circumstances view his profile on social networking sites.

Exceptions to Step 2: Do not delete him from your Facebook or other social networking sites. Also, do not delete him from your instant messaging service. You need additional guidelines for how to most powerfully use your social networking sites and instant messaging service to get him back, but it's too much information to include here.

3. Gather together all your physical reminders of your ex (yes, every single one!) and put them in a box. Be ruthless - this means all pictures, gifts, souvenirs, cards - everything! Store the box in the back corner of your basement, or better yet, give it to a friend to stash somewhere away from you.

4. At every opportunity, visualize yourself with other men - having a great time and being happy. I know, that probably seems somewhere near impossible right now, but force yourself to do it - and do it frequently. You must let your pain go so that you can focus on exactly what steps to take to get him back. You will be much more able to do this effectively in a week or so, when your pain has begun to diminish. And it will diminish, I promise.

5. You know you are going to continue thinking about your ex-boyfriend, but when you do, concentrate only on his negative points. Sure, as you're looking backwards now, he may seem perfect in memory, but he isn't - no one is. So focus on the things he did that really annoyed you. Again, your pain will diminish, and you will be in a stronger place to perfectly apply detailed, step by step plans to win him back, and make him treasure you even more than he ever did before.

Next -- stay strong, and know that every day that goes by, brings you one day closer to getting him back.

This is just a summary of one of many psychological laws that thousands of women have already used to win back their ex-boyfriends, and every one of those laws is a powerful, proven get-him-back secret!


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