Winning Back Your Ex-Girlfriend: Did Controlling Behavior Kill Your Relationship?

Published: 22nd November 2011
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Your ex-girlfriend has left you, maybe over your protests. You are in pain, and your repeated requests for her to give your relationship another chance have gotten you no where.

Relax. Take a deep breath.

You can win back your ex girlfriend, and it will probably be a lot easier than you think it will be.

But you will only win her back if you use tactics that tap directly into her female psychology - and use them in precisely the right way. You already know that men and women have very differently "wired" psyches, and you must know exactly how to push her emotional hot buttons, or you will probably accidentally make things even worse than they are right now.

For example, here is just one of the many major mistakes that men often make with a woman.

Controlling Behavior: Some men (and you know if you're one of them) get into relationships, and at some point they start seeing (and treating) their girlfriends as their property.

Maybe those men feel threatened by other men, their girlfriends' friends, her job commitments, or any one of dozens of other things. Those men then begin seeking to relieve their own anxiety by behaviors like the following:

*** Questioning her about who she's with whenever you're not together

*** Quizzing her about who she will be seeing on business trips

*** Checking her phone log to see who she has been talking to

*** Objecting when she wants to hang out with her friends

And there are many more controlling behaviors that insecure men inflict on their girlfriends.

Very bad!! Women do not like feeling controlled, and it's only a matter of time until they will "rebel" against the various limits that a controlling man is trying to impose on their lives.

So - if this is you, what can you do about it?

Memorize this phrase. Write it out one hundred times if you have to. Tape it to your mirror, your frig door, your phone, your car's steering wheel, and anyplace else you will see it frequently.

Here it is: He who cares least, controls the relationship.

Sounds strange, but it is completely true. Attempts to control her make it look like you are afraid she is going to leave you. You must appear to care less about the relationship than she does - that way, she worries about losing you! If you know you have been a controlling man, you must immediately cease all behaviors that attempt to impose control.

This may be painful and difficult for you. You may feel that that you simply must know everything you can find out about your girlfriend's activities apart from you. But trust me on this one - controlling behavior is one of the biggest relationship killers.

Stay strong, and know that every day that you allow to go by without making even the slightest effort to control your ex-girlfriend brings you one day closer to getting her back.

Of course, this is just a summary of one of many tactics that have been proven to be very powerful and effective in winning back an ex-girlfriend. To implement this and other proven tactics in the most powerful way, you will need more exact directions and even word-for-word scripts.

Whatever you do, don't make even one controlling move until you know more about the total strategy. Don't give up hope. You can win her back. You just need exact, proven directions on how to do it.


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